Jul 8, 2018

Stuck on Mount Rainier


Picked this up off the NWOL FB page a few minutes ago. Looks like someone needs help on Mount Rainier:


"Passing along for one of the NWXC members...

If anyone is able to help!!!! Tyler Coc is stuck on rainier, apparently his x is leaning hard to the right, here is the coordinates 46°53'23.3"N 121°36'40.7"W

And he is saying no rangers can help because he they don’t have a winch"


Posted on FB by, Keman Makaiesea.


I have no further info.


Jul 9, 2018

last FB update says he's out and OK. Glad to hear, and sorry I did not see this sooner, I was in Puyallup area and had I known someone was in need I would have headed over.

Jul 9, 2018

Yup,I read that he's out & okay now.


Yup he's out. Situation looked far less precarious than the description would imply. Hopefully things were learned from it.

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