Mar 2, 2018

NWOL Ham Operators List

Mar 12, 2018

Hi Aaron,

Please add me to the Ham list: Mike Baron - KG7IGI


Jun 28, 2018

K7GTC. Thanks!

Aug 25, 2018

KJ7AGY   very lo-tech   

Oct 25, 2018

K6JDI checking in.

New Posts
  • Hello I got my technician license. I primarily got my license to use 5 watt baofengs for off road and over landing purposes, though I do have a mobile unit in my jeep that is uhf/vhf 50 watt that I use when I am on the go and much prefer the strong radio and large antenna over the little Baofengs. now I don't think I will ever convince friends/family to commit to that kind of investment into a more powerful radio that is more intrusive in your vehicle. especially since the Baofengs are so convenient and are far superior to CB radio in every way imaginable, in my opinion. Now the advice I am in need of is that I have a dream of turning my jeep into a repeater for friends and family to use when we are out on the trail, as we are regularly outside of cell phone reception, and once we set up camp you would be able to use the jeeps much larger antenna and 40 watt power source to send your baofeng signal significantly further and if some one decided to go hiking it would be a much more reliable and reach further then the simple baofengs by themselves. what i have come up with thus far is either getting a radio that performs the function by itself OR or alternatively, using this device which seems to be just a repeater in a box that i could then just use an amplifier between this and the antenna now i am not sure if i am even on the right track of coming up with a feasible solution or if i'm just wasting my time all together. I also have had trouble coming up with antenna solutions as well. originally i planned on using a 102" stainless steel whip antenna but have recently learned that that isn't even close to the correct antenna to use. but i would like to get a long antenna that could be pulled over to avoid getting hit by branches and then deployed when i need it. the antenna only needs to be for VHF not dual band. Thank you for your time any advice is greatly appreciated, Figgins KJ7JVE
  • My KT-8900 is not making me happy so I'm looking for a good radio for my rig. Right now the Kenwood TM-281A is the front-runner because it's simple, ruggedized, cheap, and it gets good reviews. So I was wondering what other recommendations you might have for radios under $300, and whether I gain much utility in going with a dual-bander and if digital modes like system fusion or d-star are useful at all.
  • So I am having a little issue with interference with my Ham radio(s). I have good ground on the antenna. I only get the interference after about 5 to 10 minutes of driving and its almost a constant static. I only get it on 146.46 that i have found so far. I also get the static on baofeng portable radio same channel, if i put the baofeng radio on the visor and turn the antenna away from the jeep the static goes away. but if i put the palm of my hand touching the metal of the shift lever the static is constant and i can play with the noise by touching, not touching, touching, not touching. I know i have good ground on the antenna for the base unit. I don't think running a ferret choke would do anything with this issue cause i believe its just the antenna getting interference on a certain frequency. maybe static electricity from the transmission? maybe running a ground strap to the transmission from the frame? or maybe an anti-static strap? i'm open to any ideas or suggestions. for the short term I've just been using alternative channels to avoid the noise. Thank you for your help.
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