May 3, 2018

Pancho's bum leg


Kristal started working on Pancho's failed spindle



May 3, 2018

Get that woman a 2 post lift so she does't have to sit on the concrete!

May 3, 2018

At least he was nice enough to let her sit on a floor mat from his truck :-)

May 3, 2018

Make sure it's a big enough lift ... my truck is heavy...

May 3, 2018

Phil Fisk- i definitely had an "aha" moment about all these people wanting lifts while I was doing this.

John Russel-he threw that mat across the shop not long after...I wasn't sitting on it then but the message was clear ;-P

Well I figure we've finally slacked enough. Time to get this thing back on 4 wheels for a quickly upcoming rally...

Finally got around to pressing the old bearing race out and the new one. in...


Once that was done, the re-assembly work could start.




After a quick explanation of eccentric bolts, we guessed at an alignment setting.


Luckily I discovered another broken part that needed to be ordered so we're still not done...but we're close.

Jun 18, 2018

Don't worry, the farther you go down the rabbit hole, the more problems you'll find...


Now would be a good time for a SAS...just saying...

Jun 24, 2018

So... how's the patient? Ready to run and frolic yet?

Well Dax tried her paws at helping.


A bit more reassembly...


Of course the project wouldn't be complete without one last trip to the parts store...


He lives!



New Posts
  • Now this looks like a fantastic opportunity for any of our NWOL gals looking for some adventure!
  • I need to be honest; I did not know Jessi Combs, did not follow her exploits, had one reference to her shenanigans when she attempted a land speed record on the Alvord Desert in 2013. After her tragic death this week, I read A LOT about her life, achievements and fervor. I sadly missed out on her amazing tenacity. We at NWOL, pray for her person, family and her spirit. That she left a legacy that inspires other ladies to push the limits of their envelope, personal or physical. That she was a mentor to women to want and yearn to grab life by the shoulders and ride! A heartfelt salute to you, Jessi. Thank you for the amazing influence and legacy you left us. Hoping that more women will grab a piece of your spirit and fly. Dan & The NWOL Team
  • Got Team Anyway (Judy and Tana) some practice time in the sand in preparation for the Rebelle Rally coming up real quick in October. We got a long weekend in in Florence, OR at the Oregon Sand Dunes. A lovely day driving down on Thursday, got to enjoy some of the finest traffic Portland, Salem, and Eugene have to offer, quality time :-) It was just the 3 of us (to start) as Brad, Tana's husband, stayed home with the twins. He had the hardest job of all. I ended up renting an ATV and scouted in front of them as they got acclimated to the dunes. Wasn't exactly a high performance one, but it worked. We spent a lot of time just exploring the dunes and having a good time, expanding the comfort zone more and more, especially going down dune faces. Also learning the sand is never what you think, and it will remind you of that every so often... (The great part was that because they were training, I didn't have to help dig :-) ) They had originally aired down to about 20lbs, just to see how it would do. So when they got dug in, they started with dropping to 10lbs. No go. So then they tried the shovel, same result. 4 Maxtrax later, and they were easily on their way. You can really see how those shine in the sand, a definite necessary tool. They got stuck one more time, not enough speed going up a dune face, and it dug in at the top. Maxtrax right away and they were moving in under a minute. Great day, they did a great job and learned a lot and had a lot of fun. A video from the dash cam in the Jeep and a little from the GoPro on my helmet. Definitely need to learn how to operate that better, missed out on a lot of good footage because I'm a dumb....
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