Aug 3, 2018

A first aid/kit class?


I would like to put a request out there for anyone to PLEASE volunteer to teach basic overland scenerio type first aid class and include ideas on how to put together a basic KIT. I know in all our big family/ comunity here, there has to be someone with the skills to put this class together. Maybe a saturday, some place centrally located so a good percent of us can attend. I know we would be willing to pitch in a modest fee to help defer costs etc.

OK,,,,,, Don't just sit there, step up and do it! LOL just kiddn. But it would be a great way to spend a day getting to know more of our family here!. Maybe I can even bring my BBQ pit and we can pot luck it as an incentive to attend!

If anyone is willing to do this, please contact me and I will be more than happy to help with organizing this event. I'm sure we can even sweet talk BIG DAN into maybe sponcering it! (sorry Dan)

We are working on putting a wilderness first aid & CPR class together as we speak!


Thanks, Mark.



Aug 3, 2018Edited: Aug 3, 2018

WOOHOOOOO!!! Count us in Dan! Where may you hold it? Can we be of any help? Just let us know. I'm dumber than a dry bag full of rocks, but I can try to help. LOL Maybe some ideas on FAK's too would be good.


Aug 4, 2018

I am involved in volunteer emergency management/response/planning for the lower Snoqualmie Valley; although I am not certified to teach myself, I have a few contacts with first responders and other trainers. Let me know if I can assist trying to find someone who can teach something.


I will also recommend that if you have about 1.5 to 2 hours to spare in this event, including the Stop The Bleed curriculum. It is straight forward, but stuff that I surprisingly never picked up from Boy Scouts or other first aid training.

Thanks, Mark & Ben,


Ben, if you wouldn't mind sending me some of your contacts, I can start pinging folks.


I have reached out to the American Red Cross to see if they would be willing to teach the WFA out in the field. I will update if they reply.



I connected with the Red Cross this AM. Their classes are a little spendy, but I will keep looking for resources.



Aug 7, 2018

I've started sending emails out, I'll let you know if I get any responses.

Aug 9, 2018

While I am CPR certified, I am no medic, or even close to being knowledgeable enough to teach. I do carry a pretty well stocked full trauma kit in the truck on all adventures. I carry sutures, clot sponges, Israeli bandage, tampons, casting material, and every kind of band-aid I could think of... Butterfly, steri-strip, mickey mouse, etc. (I even carry Duck tape). Pretty much anything we may need out there to help someone survive until proper care may be reached.

Any more word on this type of class and dates if any, Dan? THis sounds like a good class for us to be doing in the off months of winter.

Apr 16Edited: Apr 16



Dan and I have bounced the idea around a bit for a wilderness first aid class. I recently chatted with the wilderness first aid teacher from CWU, she told me she does one day weekend classes for groups. If any are interested, PLEASE get back to me. I can cantact her and try to set up a class date for NWOL members. I think Eburg is a great location to do this as it's centrally located and not a long drive for west siders, and all the folks from eastern Wa etc. She does half day in class room and half day field trainning. Sounds to me this will be a great fit for our group here! She teaches how to do basic life suport when you have a victom a long while from help and how to use whats available on hand in the wilderness situation. She impressed me with her class content.


I am interested, but it really depends on when for me.

Apr 16

While I am not qualified to teach, I do have a fairly extensive kit. Everything from basic band-aids to an Israeli bandage and sutures.

This class will be on a sat, probably after the rally. I need input as to what works best for as many as possable. I will make arrangments with the teacher once I get an idea what you all want. PLEASE give me some feedback so I can accomidate as many as possible.


I like the Central WA location idea, but it's really hit or miss for me on the days I'm available. with ~2 months heads up, I can probably get a Saturday available. Thanks for trying to arrange this!

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