May 30, 2018

Trail Ride

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I procrastinated way too long and finally got signed up for Hole in the rock. Last one available 😳. What’s the most technical area of this run?

Jun 13, 2018Edited: Jun 13, 2018

Hi Leona, I just saw this post of yours. I think we discussed it on Facebook too, but I'll answer here. It's a route that Josh Miner and I have run quite a few times, he's done it more than I. At the start of the actual trail, there is a big rocky outcropping with a hole through it! Cool to check it out, and a great place to air down and shift into low range. We've had quite a few stock and near-stock rigs complete the route without problem.


I noted two areas that are a bit challenging:


1. The very steep and loose section which starts almost immediately after departing the trailhead. This is why it's good to air down and get into low range at the trailhead, before venturing onto the trail.


2. There's a tight section in the forest, requiring some maneuvering to get through. Two trees in particular are quite close together, and make it difficult to get a "full size" rig through. We have seen late model Tacoma pickups ease through just fine. Heck, I take it easy in my Wrangler!


Hope this helps you or someone else. Good question.



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