Oct 19, 2018

Anyone looking to plan anything?


I'd love to get out there, somewhere within a few hours of Seattle.


I don't really have enough experience to plan much on my own, but I'm an enthusiastic learner! There's not a ton of trips rolling through this site, so maybe some of us can come together and make something happen.


You plan the route, and I'll get people on the trip? lol





Vicki and I do several trips throughout the year. We live in Ellensburg area. I try and post up day trips and overnighters that we do on here in case anyone is interested in joining. Keep an eye out and we will post. Mostly summer trips.

Dec 19, 2018

Hey Mark and Vicki, thanks! This might be a 4 letter word around here, but feel free to add me on Facebook if you like, Cheers!

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  • Hello, looking for recommendations for areas within a few hours of Sammamish where I can drive in, camp with my boys, and drive out the following afternoon. Looking more for areas of dispersed camping, or primitive campgrounds with no services. Driving a full size crew cab, so overly narrow trails are a no go. Thanks for any insights.
  • I'm looking at doing a couple sections of the WABDR in mid-August, probably 1-2. I'll (2019 JLUR) be joined by friend with his rig (4runner), but neither of us have been on the WABDR before. I have some questions and I hope you can help answer them. I don't know how sections 1-2 compare to the sections further north. Assuming we only have 2-4 days available, are these sections recommended? How many miles per day can one expect to reasonably complete? Not aiming for an all out race, nor ambling on - a reasonable pace to see the views and account for other traffic. Does one need to bring extra fuel, or are there ample opportunities to fuel up in between sections? What is the best navigation guide? Anything I can print, etc.? Thank you kindly. :) - David
  • Might be a tall order but trying to keep my adventure buddy (aka wife) motivated :) Any good routes with dispersed camping along a river or lake? We’ve found lots of great meadows and vistas but have been striking out with water views. Preferably within 3-4 hours of the Seattle area. Thanks in advance!
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