Jun 25, 2018

Tag Along! Ah! I thought it said "tagalog"!


I wondered why we were discussing the Philippines... One of my favorite places on earth.





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  • Hey all you NWOL'ers! If you have not signed up for a Trail Ride at the NW Overland Rally this year, or do not feel like driving and want to be a passenger, there are Tag-Along opportunities available. Just come to the NWOL Booth located on the main field and there will be sign up sheets for passengers. Now, this is solely up to the discretion of the driver. A waiver will need to be signed as well. Please hit us up at contact@northwestoverland.com for any question regarding this opportunity! Dan & The NWOL Team
  • I am in the process of purchasing an HEO T3 trailer from Highland Expedition Outfitters. The trailer is being built at their facility in Tennessee. Their shipper has a delivery coming as far as Missoula Montana,... Soooo I can save about $1500 by going to pick it up there instead of shipping all the way to Kent, Wa. I don't have a solid date yet, so I will add a post when I know. Looking for a co-driver so it can be done round trip in a single run. It's about 15 hours drive time round trip.
  • Making the rounds... just a quick reminder that you can copy your forum post link and share it on your FB/Instagram page and/or the NWOL FB Page if you want a bit more exposure and interaction. Also, if you go to your Profile Page, you can click on the arrow next to ABOUT and you’ll see a drop down where you can follow all of your forum posts and conversations. And hey, be sure to build your profile out with some cool pics and/or video! � � note: if you have any trouble with any page loading, typically a simple reload fixes the issue... we’re still working out the bugs
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