Apr 5, 2018

Idaho City Snow Run


Edited: Apr 5, 2018

Saturday April the 7th. Meet up at 10am at the Albertsons on Federal way and hwy 21. We will roll out at about 10:15 and head towards Idaho City. Our goal is rd FS-304. It's an unplowed rd that is open to vehicles. There is quite a bit of snow up there. This should be quit quite a bit more of a challenge than our last snow run. As always pack warm clothes, recovery gear, and make sure your vehicle is in good working condition with good tread on the tires. Hope to see you all there!

Apr 6, 2018

I'm cancelling tomorrow's run. 90% chance of rain. We will reschedule when we get a little nicer weather.

New Posts
  • Although I don't get the day off for Veterans day, school is out and my rule is when my kid has a day off, I take a day off. I'm thinking of doing another day of off-roading with that time. Last time, I went to Tahuya and had the entire park to myself; it was fabulous. I think I might do that again, but I'm also open to other destinations. I only have the 1 day to spend, I don't want to drive more than a couple of hours (from the Kirkland area), and I probably want to stay out of the higher altitudes to avoid snow/ice. Is anyone else interested in a day trip for off-roading?
  • Okay guys. It's that time of year again. Time to deforest the wilderness in the name of holiday cheer! The NWOL Christmas tree runs are live! We'll be doing two as usual. A Saturday and a Sunday run. Register here: Saturday: https://www.northwestoverland.com/events-1/christmas-tree-run-saturday Sunday: https://www.northwestoverland.com/events-1/christmas-tree-run-sunday Winter is coming in hot (cold?) this year. Make sure your vehicle is ready. Solid front and rear recovery points are mandatory for this run. Shovels are a great idea. Garden hoes are a great idea. Tire chains may be useful as well. There have been times where the decent is super icy. Also make sure YOU are ready. Dress well for the cold. Have enough gear to spend the night. Not plan A of course but things happen. Please bring a little bit of firewood as we'll be having a fire at the top so you can warm up while finding the perfect tree. We will be camping at Ranger Creek for the weekend if anyone would like to join us there. Bring lots of wood in that case... It'll be cold! This is one of our most fun annual events. Please don't take this post as trying to scare anyone away. It's just my usual winter preparedness speech. Always better to be over prepared than under. See you there!
  • So I am accompanying my son to Ellensburg this friday and Sat. to visit a college friend of his. I am however not going to hang out with them so I'm thinking of just heading into either the Wenas Wildlife area or the LT Murray area on Saturday just to putz around. Not camping but staying friday night in a hotel in Ellensburg. If anyone wants to hang out, I'm open.
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