Jan 30

NWOL going to represent at the NW Rally this year??


I will be registering in the next few weeks, who else is going??? Do we get a promo code for our group? June 20th is my go date... I'll be rolling from Kent, Wa...

We plan to be there. No travel details yet. Hopefully get there mid afternoon on Thursday.

We hope to be able to make a presence, but we may have an opportunity for an epic trip. We will see!

Feb 2

Just registered!

I haven’t made reservations yet , but plan on attending . Will probably be driving from Anacortes , WA . Depends on when I get the rooftop tent installed . Does the NWOL have a designated camping area ?

I just registered to camp there with the family! Looking forward to it.


I attended in 2018 (my first time attending), and I plan on attending this year. I really enjoyed it. Kinda laid back, good classes, enjoyed the evening campfire and discussion... it all went well. But they sure do crowd us in there. Will be coming from Longview, WA (about an hour north of Portland, OR).


We are planning to attend, although I am waiting on some business travel dates to solidify before buying tickets. Hopefully we get to go and show off the new rig!

Feb 27

So, is there a designated NWOL camp area?

Typically most congregate to the "less quiet" area :-)

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Feb 28

I'm ok with less quiet, just don't want to end up on the far side of the field from the group.

Feb 28

Bounce house? That means screaming children all day... Maybe the other side of the field is not so bad...


Feb 28

I'll be arriving Thursday afternoon.


Heading up Friday - planning to camp out in the sticks again, like last year. Let me know if anybody wants to wild camp (for free) Friday night and avoid the crowds.

Mar 9Edited: Mar 9

I am registered. My wife is coming this year, so am making a few concessions:

1. She'll be spending some time in Leavenworth going antiquing and to coffee shops while I'm attending lectures and such, so I asked her if she'd rather drive the truck or Jeep into town - she said "Truck". So we're bringing the truck.

2. I'm still bringing the trailer, but I'll be bringing a larger ground tent as she's not keen on spooning with me in the little two man tent-cot I'm using as a RTT. So we'll be glamping just a bit.

3. So that means I've reserved two spots; one for the truck and trailer, the other for the tent and separate canopy.


Just signed up for the event . As stated previously , I will most likely be driving from Anacortes , WA to attend the rally . Hope to meet other members .

I'll be coming from Aancortes too. Trying to convince my neighbor to tag along as well. Maybe we can caravan.

@Sean DeBruler Hi Sean , I have a trawler in Anacortes WA and I’m thinking on departing from there on June 19 or 20th . My cell is 402-871-6120 . I live in Omaha , NE and spend my summers in Anacortes . Should arrive Anacortes around June 15 .

@Peter Bolay I won't be able to leave until the 20th. My rig is slow, top speed is 55 so I plan to avoid I5. Took this route last year https://goo.gl/maps/G37co6e4eDreLU5a6. Was supposed to take one of my kids, but learned last night that I will be flying solo this year. Still working on my neighbor. My cell is 425-429-0142.


We'll be there again this year. Had a blast last year and only was able to do Friday - Sunday. Will be doing the full meal deal this time and really hoping to get in on a good trail ride.

We are all signed up too. Booked an extra space for the trailer, etc. This was us at the Rally in 2017:


We look more like this now:


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  • Although I don't get the day off for Veterans day, school is out and my rule is when my kid has a day off, I take a day off. I'm thinking of doing another day of off-roading with that time. Last time, I went to Tahuya and had the entire park to myself; it was fabulous. I think I might do that again, but I'm also open to other destinations. I only have the 1 day to spend, I don't want to drive more than a couple of hours (from the Kirkland area), and I probably want to stay out of the higher altitudes to avoid snow/ice. Is anyone else interested in a day trip for off-roading?
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  • So I am accompanying my son to Ellensburg this friday and Sat. to visit a college friend of his. I am however not going to hang out with them so I'm thinking of just heading into either the Wenas Wildlife area or the LT Murray area on Saturday just to putz around. Not camping but staying friday night in a hotel in Ellensburg. If anyone wants to hang out, I'm open.
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