Aug 2

Sept BDR trip


Edited: Aug 2

I know it's early to do a trip planning post, but, HEY! Here goes anyway. Lets start off by all who will be doing this trip do a short introduction of themselves and who will be along with them!

We are Mark and Vicki from Ellensburg wa. We are both retired and last year, had a small retirment cabin built on a small acerage. We both drive Jeep XJ cherokees, hers in MALL rated and mine is the one that goes on offroad trips. We are very outdoor oriented, we camp, do mild white water rafting and enjoy some four wheeling. We have a rescue dog, Lillie Mae.

If anyone has any questions or suggestions, don't be afraid to chime in. We run both CB and ham for coms. We will be dragging a small trailer with an RTT. This trip can be easily ran in two days, but we are going to take three days and make a fun relaxed fun time! A dependable high clearence rig with GOOD durable tires will sufice nicely. BUT that being said, I recoment the normal add ons of four wheel drive, recovery points both front and rear, as well as the usual first aid kit, recovery equipment etc. Extra fuel is not manditory, but is always a good idea to have along for those "just in case" moments! LOTS of water for drinking and cooking is manditory. Lets make this a very fun memorable time!

Aug 2

Hello Mark, Vicki and Lillie Mae! Its never to early to plan a trip to the woods! Looking forward to this trip just as much as them all. We are Kitt and Laurie with dogs in tow would be Capone and Hope, however not sure who will be coming on this run with me quite yet, it my be my 24 year old son Earl.


Enjoy the upcoming weekend and we shall see you this Saturday!

My wife Dania and I are in, plus our two Aussies, Eva and Mackey who always join us on the trails. As you know, we like to set up a full camp even when it’s just for a night so a slow easy pace sounds perfect Mark. Looking forward to the trip.

Aug 4Edited: Aug 13

Mark, not sure if you have nailed down your route for Sept adventure, but a friend and I took FS5900 from Entiat River road to Lake Chelan. Just up the road from FS5900 turn off is Silver Falls and SF campground. Silver Falls is a 1.5 mile loop as a possible side adventure to view the falls. FS5900 is a decent road to summit and down, nothing challenging. A side trip just before FS5900 summit is Big Hill (112) that overlooks portions of Lake Chelan. Big Hill has a bunk house cabin with wood stove, outhouse, picnic table and fire ring that could be a stay-over spot. A little further on is Junior Point campground (did not explore) as another stay-over option. FS5900 down to Lake Chelan dumps you out at 25 mile creek campground (another overnight option).


I have not explored FS5300 or FS5380 to FS8410 that also dumps you out at 25 mile creek campground which is likely WABDR route.


Either FS routes you decide, I am way looking forward to your upcoming trip.









@Mark and Vicki Lennox Here's my collection of WABDR stuff.


Full WABDR folder. This has everything. The waypoints for sites, the routes separate by section, and alternate routes. Also includes the entire WABDR as a single track (Named WABDR Full Track).


This is just the WABDR Full Track. Simplest if you don't want all that other stuff.


Here are their instructions on adding these to your tracks.

Aug 7

Excellent work Nick! You are now considered the GAIA Guru! Teach me the ways many ways of the maps Master?

Aug 15

I still plan on making this run however will need to double back to King County before 9 AM the morning of September 7th for a meeting.

Aug 22Edited: Aug 24

@Mark and Vicki Lennox, we were just on the route and beehive washout would be very rough with your trailer. It drops down and back up pretty sharply, twice. You may want to bypass it and meet the group on the other side. My GPX files don't have the alternate route, but @Scott Sattler might have one. The timing may be too hard to do, but it would be cool to go drop off your trailer ahead at the beehive reservoir and come back to run it since it's a great obstacle to experience.

HMMMM, Is this the worst spot? With the trailer coupler I have, if the jeep can go, I'm thinking the trailer will follow. Will need to do somresearch. I'll check out Guys post.

@Mark and Vicki Lennox yes, that section drops in, ends sharply, then comes back up a short and steep section. Off to the right of the picture, just past the small rock build up would be a pretty steep tumble. I worried the tongue of the trailer would dig in but thats probably the only concern there. This YouTube video is kinda helpful, at 2:22, it shows the section fairly well.


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My project for today is to try and figure out and get the tracks/ routes you posted loaded on my tablet and working. I am very confuser illeterate!


Call me, I can walk you through it. If you don’t have my number anymore email me,

Hi Mark and Vicki,

If there is room for one more rig for this trip, I am in! The registration tells me it is sold out.

cell 215-378-9164

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Mark and Vicki,

I will not be able to make this trip. I am having some work done on my Jeep and the next available appt is on Sept 5...the start day for this trip. :(


Safe travels!

We can meet up on the trail further along if that interests you at all. We have to go through Cashmere, Chelan and a few other points I'm sure we could meet up on friday. Let me know.


Sep 1

Mark and Vikki my work week has become to much to escape so I will not be heading out with you guys on Thursday. Enjoy rolling with you two and look forward to something in the future!


Bad day in the woods is better then a great day at work!

Just asking as a final shoutout, who is in and who is out on this trip? Asking so we don't leave anyone behind when we head out thurs morning! I know Trudog and Bonnie cant make it, We have one more late signup, a man I met at the rally has joined NWOL and ask if he could join us. His nameis Roland and drives a red Wrangler. Looking forward to this trip!

I'm trying to clear my schedule so we can come. I'll know by tonight if i was able to move everything around. Hope to see everyone out there.

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I am counting on joining. I do have a Otho Dr appointment (Wed) on a left knee that has been giving me fits. Other than a MRI or a cortisone shot do not see them will do much more this week.


Cell 509.449.3393

I will be there for the trip. I am looking forward to it.

No problem! Just stay on top of the snow, we can do it! Got four wheel drive! They can go ANYWHERE,,,,,,,, right? LOL



I am trying to load heavy stuff "passenger" and low as possable.



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