May 31, 2018

Technical Overland 2018



After a one year hiatus the Technical Overland is back! July 27th through 29th. This could be the best to date with not only the supercar "cannonball" run

.....But with the Technical Overland participants. Just to get a glimpse of what's in store(

This is a zero "fee" "gathering" where the only cost is what you spend to get there and have a good time. There are several clubs participating this year:

1. Northwest Overland (Treasure Valley Chapter)

2. Southern Idaho Offroad Association

3. Idaho 4x4

There are a few businesses joining the trip (zero fee)

Day 1 is truly the technical portion of this trip with a night run to Boulder City, Idaho. This 2.6 mile trail climbs approximately 3300 feet and is difficult in a stock 4 door Wrangler.

Day 2 is the actual cannonball run where supercars have topped 220 MPH on an open highway. They are expecting up to 200 cars to participate. This will be followed by another day trip to Boulder City and then into Ketchum, Idaho to participate in "touristy" things. From there we will head into the Sawtooth Forest on service access roads and onto our final campsite.

I am going to do a prerun the 1st or 2nd weekend in July to make sure everything works out.

More information to come.


Jun 13, 2018

Why do you have a gray-haired fellow hanging onto the OUTSIDE of your rig? He's old, please let him in! :)


This looks like a great trip! I've got something else scheduled for July 29 though... Phooey.

Jun 13, 2018



Ty's like an old trusty goat. Will go anywhere and eat anything. Great guy! Here are a few more pictures of the event.



Jun 14, 2018

Great photos! Lots of us crusty ol' gray haired guys in this overlanding stuff. It's not as tiring as backpacking... :)

Jul 10, 2018


I am going to run the second leg this Sunday (July 15th). We will meet at the Fred Meyer on Federal Way (off of Broadway) at 6:30 AM and leave no later than 6:45. Stopping in Mountain Home for fuel and misc before making our way to Fairfield. We need to be in Fairfield to meet another group by 8 AM.


Will run north towards the the mountains and over couch summit. I would like to run down to Browns Campground and see how the road looks there. I like to camp at Lightfoot Bar but last year was unable to due to the road being washed away. From here we will head to Warswick Hotsprings and then to Carrytown before making our way to Ketchum. This should be about 65 miles and depending on the road conditions could be anywhere from 4 hours to who knows. Pack a lunch and have a capable rig.


If time allows I will make a run for Boulder City to check it out. I know that there were people there last weekend but have not heard any reports. If we do head that way be very sure that your rig is capable with a good breakover angle and not be afraid of potential damage. This will also add a solid 5 hours to the trip.



The pre-run was completed over the weekend and everything that needs to be open is.


The Boulder Creek (city) Trail is easier than years past and can be taken to the very top. As long as we can secure the first nights' camping spot we should have plenty of space for everyone to enjoy the camaraderie and night runs up the mountain Friday night.


Be sure to come Friday night (7/27) and have a great weekend!


Latitude: 43°47'34.04"N

Longitude: 114°31'0.00"W

This is according to Google Earth.

Aug 7, 2018

Thank you to all that made it back to Technical Overland after a one year hiatus. I believe we had close to 16 vehicles this year and I believe everyone had a great time. The weather was perfect and so were the friendships. A special "THANKS" to a few people:

Danny Adair with VisionX for contributing a large amount of time making sure information was sent out.

Tour de Force for allowing us a special view so close to the action and for an amazing event with many cars close to and over 200MPH!










I'm sure it will. Everyone has such a great time and there is something for everyone.

Excellent. I will look out for the dates......

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  • Although I don't get the day off for Veterans day, school is out and my rule is when my kid has a day off, I take a day off. I'm thinking of doing another day of off-roading with that time. Last time, I went to Tahuya and had the entire park to myself; it was fabulous. I think I might do that again, but I'm also open to other destinations. I only have the 1 day to spend, I don't want to drive more than a couple of hours (from the Kirkland area), and I probably want to stay out of the higher altitudes to avoid snow/ice. Is anyone else interested in a day trip for off-roading?
  • Okay guys. It's that time of year again. Time to deforest the wilderness in the name of holiday cheer! The NWOL Christmas tree runs are live! We'll be doing two as usual. A Saturday and a Sunday run. Register here: Saturday: Sunday: Winter is coming in hot (cold?) this year. Make sure your vehicle is ready. Solid front and rear recovery points are mandatory for this run. Shovels are a great idea. Garden hoes are a great idea. Tire chains may be useful as well. There have been times where the decent is super icy. Also make sure YOU are ready. Dress well for the cold. Have enough gear to spend the night. Not plan A of course but things happen. Please bring a little bit of firewood as we'll be having a fire at the top so you can warm up while finding the perfect tree. We will be camping at Ranger Creek for the weekend if anyone would like to join us there. Bring lots of wood in that case... It'll be cold! This is one of our most fun annual events. Please don't take this post as trying to scare anyone away. It's just my usual winter preparedness speech. Always better to be over prepared than under. See you there!
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