May 11

Getting to be that time of year again...

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Yep, fire season is already here. There's a few hot spots around and nothing considered major in the PNW (yet), but it won't be long.


This is a website that tracks hotspots via satellite, then models where the smoke will go. I found it pretty accurate last year, although not 100% as you would expect for a model. It's interesting to see where the smoke is traveling from, not always what you would expect.

In the box at the top left, under the Domain Tab, use the "Latest Run". You can also change the general area of coverage there too.


Yeah, not looking forward to the fire reports this year. Amazing that there isn't anything big already.

New Posts
  • Looks like Chinook is closing early this year. I'd be surprised if they get this open before the hard snow fall begins.
  • Snow outside of Wenatchee, easily visible on the surrounding mountains. Mission Ridge Ski Resort has fresh snow, Stevens Pass has a LOT of new snow. The passes have been affected... Nothing unusual for December... But this is September! Use caution and be prepared.
  • So, it's a "thing" now; Fire Season=Summer. We have to accept it for what it is, beyond pro-active preservation and deterrents. We've also experienced some pretty hairy thunder/lightning/flood systems recently... and snow is coming up on us. So, that brings up a question for all: Do you have a "What If" or evacuation plan while out in the woods? Let's here your ideas and input. Also, POST/share your stories/pics/videos of your craziest overlanding storms. Dan
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