Dec 2, 2018

HUGE shout out to Ed and Ryan!!!


Did a full refresh and lift on the '96 4Runner yesterday, to be expected, she didn't give up easy. No way could I have done it without an incredible amount of help. Ed was there early, got away for a little while to go to his son's soccer game, and came back to finish off, way above the call of duty. Ryan came over mid-day and stayed through to the bitter end. Can't thank both of them enough for the help.


Went to Stew's Garage in Kirkland, great place. Working with lift, a full and complete set of tools, indoors and out of the weather, sure made things easier than they would have been otherwise.


As you would expect from a 22 year old car, things were stuck on. Actually not nearly as bad as you would think, just tough in places. Sway bar clamp bolt broke, outer tie rod end broke the Harbor Freight puller (big surprise). The usual, the stuff that should have been quick and easy ended up taking the most time. All told, it was a long day, first one into Stew's in the AM, last one out (9am to 9pm).


Replacement Lower Control Arms with Whiteline poly bushings.

New cam adjuster bolts for LCAs (actually old ones were fine as it turned out)

New RadFlo 2.5" shock and coil-over assembly

New SPC Upper Control Arms

New poly steering rack bushings

New Diff drop kit (in the feeble attempt at saving the CV boots, they'll shred in no time I'm sure)

New Land Cruiser rear shocks (between taking out the old, then fighting the lower bushings, these took as long as anything)

New Land Cruiser 80 series rear coils (these too were an adventure to get compressed enough to fit in)

New adjustable Rear Trac/Panhard Bar






A lot of work was done, of course, it's just another step down the rabbit hole..




Still progressing, albeit slowly. Got wheels and tires. Hadn't paid much attention to the backspacing of the Tacoma Snowflake wheels I had on there until we did the lift, had about 3/8" clearance to the spindle. A little too close for my comfort, so a good excuse to get rims with zero offset (~4.5" bs). New rims deserve new tires... Got 5, now I need a place to carry my spare. Expedition Rabbit Hole...



Wow, been since January that I got the wheels and tires, my how time flies!


Added a few things since then. New rear bumper and tire carrier...


Then of course had to do the front end too with a winch...






Have also started adding some lights

Amber fogs in front, rear bumper area lights.


And a whiz bang cheapy Chineasium relay controller


Had upgraded the overhead console from the original '96 style to a '99+ plus and added the mirror with temp/compass readout.

Sep 10Edited: Sep 10

Then of course, had to get new plates...


(It's Air Force, not something unseemly like "Aaron's Friend" :-) )

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