Apr 25, 2018

Phase 1 Part 2


With the roof rack in place, we celebrate with a congratulatory beer for everyone! This was about the time Kadar showed up and not a moment too soon I might add as the heavy lifting was about to commence.

What we have here is the Chief Products rear guard and corner guards. This is serious steel here. None of that namby pamby sheet metal stuff, this is like 3/16 plate.

Just gonna slide the rear bumper off here...

Little persuasion from the blue spatula thing. I got this small set of trim tools from crutchfield or amazon, can't remember which but they are totally worth the $20 I paid for them.


Aaaaannd there's the signal generator for the backup sensor and wiring harness.

Are we saving this piece?

Not that much under the bumper really, just the tow hitch and mufflers. Being unibody I guess the tow hitch is the main crash structure for the rear. Not for long though!!

OK bumper's off, step two loosen mufflers. Wait, wut?



Pappy they's integrated!! The brackets for the corner guards share the mounting location with the muffler supports. There was a little drilling required, the holes for the two bolts you see in the upper left are drilled once the brackets and the corner guards are in position. The center section of the guard is mounted first, we don't have a picture of that cause our collective brain power was in full demand at this point.

Here is the passenger side right before drilling...


Final snug down..



Potato quality, but you get the idea...

Now we just put the bumper back on,


There she is with the bumper back on. The guards really fit up tight to the body work but there was no difficulty at all getting the bumper back in place. Nice!



Now for pizza!


We're fed and watered (beered) , now on to the front!



Here is the chief products sump guard with oil change access panel!


This is what she looked like before...

Little bit of creeper action... we could only fit the front of the truck in the garage since I recently moved and have not had a chance to get things put away, but it was enough to keep us dry and out of the wind.

And Viola again we're done. OK so we skipped a couple pictures obviously. The things with this front guard is that we were installing two kits at the same time and they share mounting locations with each other as well as the factory tow hooks. We may have done a few "practice" installs cause you know, beer and stuff... heh:)


Seriously though, this would not have gone down in one day if not for Ed, Mike, and Kadar. Especially the front guards, that was a three man operation. Can't thank you guys enough! Looking forward to hitting the trails with you guys!


Phase 2, Rocky Road rock rails and hidden winch mount soon to follow! Stay tuned!




Very cool! Looks like it really coming along! Look out, Fred Dear, Zach's catching up with you! :-)



Apr 25, 2018

After going through all the trouble of installing, now it's time to get them all scratched up :-)

Apr 25, 2018

Not everybody drives like you Aaron...

Apr 25, 2018

Got a shakedown run planned for next weekend!

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