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Steven Ellett
Apr 13, 2018
New to NWOL, can't wait to meet up with some of you guys for a trip sometime! My name is Steven, my wife and I have a 2013 Nissan Frontier Pro4x that we've been slowly modifying over time for camping. We're from St. Helens, OR. Starting with suspension, it's stock other than a 2" Nisstec spacer lift. Tires are 32" all terrain Wild County XTX sport. Kind of a bland tire style wise but I've had a few sets and they've always been an awesome tire for wear and traction. Up front is an ARB bumper with a rather old Smittybilt 8k winch inside, spooled up with Masterpull Superline XD synthetic line (weird combo I know, I had a Warn winch for the truck originally but it was an integrated solenoid style and didn't work with the bumper. I had the Smittybilt for a trailer and figured I'd use it temporarily but so far it's been a decent winch). Rock sliders are homemade, bolt on style that a friend and I put together. On the roof is a Heps designs basket on the factory roof rack. I modified the basket to sit as far back as possible so our sunroof is un-obstructed. On the basket is a few inexpensive lights. The bar is a single row from SuperbrightLEDs, the 4 pods are from NiLight. I have everything wired so that I can turn all the lights on the truck on with a remote control from inside the tent, or operate them individually with the rocker switches in the cab. The tent is an older Tepui Ayer I bought used, sitting on a rack I built myself and had powdercoated, I built the rack to hold 2 7gal water cubes next to the tent as well. Under the tonneau cover is 2 5lb co2 bottles for tires, my hilift, axe, and fire extinguisher. Comms are my 25 Btech ham radio (W1PNW), and Midland CB. We've had a ton of fun with this truck and we're still pretty new to the overlanding scene, only been into this stuff for about a year now. We're still finding out what works best for us in terms of setup, I can say for a fact that the RTT is not our long term solution, we'll probably end up with a camper or trailer at some point (Habitat, 4 wheel Camper, or NW tear drop). Next year we're planning on doing a 3 week trip up through Canada, Alaska, and back down to Oregon with my family, so whatever we get will be geared towards that trip. Hope we can join up with you guys soon! We might come check out the show at Griot's. See you around!
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