Aug 24, 2018

Pronghorn Overland Gear - Omega A/T Twin Rear Bumper Systems


If you have been chomping at the bit, like I am, these are now available to order at Pronghorn Overland Gear!

Pronghorn Overland Gear’s Omega A/T Twin Rear Bumper System was designed with the idea that not every person is going to need the same rear bumper. Vehicle use, terrain, cargo requirements, accessory mounting points, even how many spare tires you need all create a wide variety of bumper options. So they designed the Omega A/T Twin family of rear bumpers to meet your specific needs. They also designed the Omega system to be able to change when your needs change. The Omega A/T Twin is designed as a fully modular system of cargo racks, tire carriers, accessory mounts, and even winch mounts that allow you to select the bumper that best meets your needs. And then upgrade or reconfigure down the trail as your expedition needs change.


Click on the image to learn more!


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