Apr 10, 2018

Howdy y'all!


Well I am certainly glad to have found this place! My lovely partner in crime (Meg) snagged us a barely used 2016 Nissan Frontier 4x4. We are planning to adventure the hell out of it and have already began our outfitting. We also will typically bring along a little Yamaha TW200 because. . . why not?


We've begun building up our rig with a set of rock sliders and skid plates, as well as a small lift. Much more to come as time and money allow. We've also got most of the necessities to be camp ready, but not glampy. We fully intend to keep our camp setup pretty sparse and quick/easy.


Anyhow, looking forward to finding some good trails, and meeting some good folk!





Matt... impressive stuff! Welcome to our community! Check out our upcoming meet-ups, we’d love to shake your hand! Bring your “partner in crime”, we’d love to meet Meg! We’ve got some pretty fantastic gals that know how to kick up some dust (Aaron’s wife, really Kristal - being one of them!). See ya soon!

Ahh, I reckon I did forget to mention where we are!


We're located in the Seattle area, I make beer out in Redmond at Black Raven Brewing.


Certainly planning on making it out to some events soon!

I second that! Just pop a date on our event calendar! Be sure to give us some cool pics to add to your event post!

I was certainly thinking about it, I work early mornings so it'd have to be a weekend, but once we get past our anniversary party on 5/5 I'll throw something together!

Apr 21, 2018

Hey Matt. I am a Frontier owner too, 2016 SV ... You're a little ahead of my build plan, but I really have a lot of the same plans. I'll be doing skids and sliders etc. Right now I have done a slightly larger tire and started the work inside the bed to create a load/rack/tie system that will allow for swapping out accessories based on the trip plan. Building as budget allows, so it's going to take a while. Oh, and great beer! I drink Black Raven at CRFT down in Auburn on a regular basis. Coffee Stout!

Apr 21, 2018

What did you do with your factory skids? Mine is not a Pro, so has no skids at all...

Keman! Welcome to the club! Looking forward to watching your build progress! I was planning on a bed rack system, but with loading various motorcycles in and out of the back it would be difficult. A buddy of mine with an SV snagged my factory skids, but they are so flimsy and do not protect the front diff AT ALL. Being that it is aluminum it is very vulnerable. I'd highly suggest that being the first skidplate you buy.


Cheers and thanks for the compliments on the beer! Hopefully soon I'll put a meetup together at the brewery!



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