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Wed, Aug 30


Start at Next Jump Outfitters

Guided Trip To Vancouver Island

Join NWOL and Next Jump Outfitters on a guided trip to Vancouver Island, a beautiful and diverse destination on the west coast of Canada, known for its stunning landscapes, outdoor activities, and vibrant communities. Guided by Next Jump Outfitter's founder Jason Scott.

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Guided Trip To Vancouver Island
Guided Trip To Vancouver Island

Time & Location

Aug 30, 2023, 1:00 PM PDT – Sep 04, 2023, 10:00 PM PDT

Start at Next Jump Outfitters, 3721 S Lawrence St, Tacoma, WA 98409, USA

About the event

Join NWOL and Next Jump Outfitters on a guided trip to Vancouver Island, a beautiful and diverse destination on the west coast of Canada, known for its stunning landscapes, outdoor activities, and vibrant communities.  Guided by Next Jump Outfitter's founder Jason Scott.  

 General Information: 

Guide: J. Scott Email: Telephone: (253) 301.0028 Website:

Start Date: Aug 30, 2023 Start Time: 1:00 PM End Date: Sep 4, 2023 End Time: 5:00 PM

Cost Per Vehicle: $250 for the guide. All other expenses are self-paid. Group Affiliation: Northwest Overland Members Only Participant Maximum: 10 Vehicles

Advance Prep - Know Before You Go!

  1. Purchase your round-trip tickets on the Blackball Ferry for our trip to and from Vancouver Island here.
  2. When we depart the ferry in Victoria, we will clear through customs. Please review the following links for what you can and can’t bring into Canada.

Be honest when answering questions about declarations. Worst case, you pay a duty if you brought too much of something that is allowed. And they will take away anything that is prohibited. That said, if you have followed the guidelines in the above links, you will be just fine.

We will be stopping to provision just outside of Victoria so you will be able to pick up anything you need that you couldn’t clear through customs.

  1. ***NOTE: DO NOT bring cannabis, drugs of any kind, firearms, firearm accessories, or ammunition into Canada. Even though cannabis is legal in Canada, it’s not legal to bring it in from the USA. This is not worth the risk, you will go to jail.
  2. Internet: The Internet in Canada is slow and unreliable, and there is no service in most of the locations we will explore. If you need internet, we recommend Starlink for RV. We have used it to stream and video conference in some of the most remote locations on the planet. The best part of Starlink for RV is that you can suspend the monthly service fee when you aren’t using it.

 Key Locations & Map: 

Google Maps

Starting Point: Next Jump Outfitters - 3721 S. Lawrence St. Tacoma WA 98409

Victoria to Port Alberni Driving Directions: Link

Port Alberni, Tofino, to Goats on the Roof: Link

Itinerary Description: Day 0 (Wednesday):Embark from Next Jump Outfitters@ 1:00 pm for Port Angeles

Kicking Off the Journey we meet at Next Jump Outfitters HQ immediately after lunch for a quick check-in before we hit the road. We will make our way across the Kitsap Peninsula, the Hood Canal Floating Bridge, and into the Olympic Peninsula. We will set up camp somewhere close to Port Angeles to make sure we are bright-eyed and bushy-tailed when arriving at the BlackBall Ferry Terminal at 7:30 am Thursday morning.

Day 1 (Thursday): Port Angeles to Port Renfrow

Rise and shine, adventurers! We will arrive at the Blackball Ferry Terminal at 7:30 am for a fun trip across the Strait of Juan De Fuca. Once we clear customs in Victoria, we will head to Thrifty Foods to provision whatever you weren't able to clear through customs.

Continuing our journey on Day 1, we'll trace the scenic South West Coast of Vancouver Island, embark on a picturesque beach hike leading to a hidden waterfall, explore the wonders of Botanical Beach Provincial Park, and finally, set up camp along the sandy shores of Port Renfrew, a coastal gem steeped in history.

Port Renfrew, nestled along Vancouver Island's rugged southwest coast, holds a history entwined with indigenous heritage and resource-driven growth. The Pacheedaht First Nation initially inhabited the area, relying on its natural bounty. European settlers arrived in the late 1800s, drawn by timber and fishing prospects. A sawmill's establishment in the early 1900s solidified Port Renfrew's role as a timber hub, boosting the local economy.

The village's transformation continued with the West Coast Trail's creation, originally built for shipwreck rescues. This trail, winding through lush forests and rocky shores, lured adventurers, offering insights into earlier maritime challenges. As the 20th century progressed, Port Renfrew's untouched beauty beckoned tourists seeking serenity. Botanical Beach, celebrated for tidal pools and marine life, became a hub for ecotourism. Port Renfrew's history reflects a harmonious interplay of culture and nature, where indigenous legacies, pioneering settlers, and present-day travelers converge, creating a captivating tale woven into its landscapes.

Day 2 (Friday): Pacheedaht Campground to Port Alberni

It’s time for some off-roading and giant trees.  We're hitting the Gordon River Forest Service Road, diving into Avatar Grove's magical forest, waterfalls, infinity pools, and standing in awe of Big Lonely Doug, a true giant in the wilderness. From there we're taking on the Pacific Marine Highway, taking in those killer views, and making a pit stop at Port Alberni for a dose of old-school vibes. Then, we're settling in by the shores of Sproat Lake – campfire stories, starry skies, and the kind of peace that only the great outdoors can deliver.

Day 3 (Saturday): Sprout Lake to Tofino

On Day 3, anticipation reaches its peak as we venture towards Tofino, a paradise for surf enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike. The journey along Highway 4 unfolds in a crescendo of excitement, treating us to a captivating array of landscapes and an invigorating drive. Amidst this scenic spectacle, the tranquil Kennedy Lake shimmers like a precious gem, offering a moment of serenity before we reach a pivotal fork in the road that directs us to Tofino's alluring sandy shores. Here, the spirit of surfing melds seamlessly with the untamed allure of nature, crafting an immersive encounter that ignites the inner explorer.

Our aim is to arrive at Tsawakk RV Resort in Tofino before midday, granting you an entire day to unwind, recharge, explore, and stock up on provisions in preparation for our journey along Vancouver Island's East Coast the following day. That being said, no visit to Tofino would be complete without indulging in the culinary delights of the Tacofino food truck.

Nestled on the unspoiled coastline of Nootka Sound in British Columbia, Tsawaak RV Resort emerges as an exclusive sanctuary, seamlessly blending unspoiled natural magnificence with an authentic connection to Indigenous heritage, including private access to Mackenzie Beach. Encircled by verdant woodlands and breathtaking ocean panoramas, Tsawaak RV Resort provides a serene escape from the rigors of modern life. Its true distinction, however, lies in its unwavering dedication to safeguarding and imparting the storied legacy of the local Mowachaht/Muchalaht First Nations. Visitors are warmly invited to partake in guided cultural encounters, delving into traditional artistry, age-old narratives, and ancestral rituals, fostering a profound reverence for the land and its inhabitants.

Day 4 (Sunday): Tsawaak RV Resort to Goats on the Roof & Evan at Wabi Sabi

Embarking on our journey through Vancouver Island's heart, we reach its captivating East Coast. Our first stop at Little Qualicum Falls Provincial Park unveils cascading waterfalls in an ancient forest—the graceful Lower Falls and the powerful Upper Falls, both enchanting in their own right.

Continuing inland, we encounter Englishman River Falls Provincial Park, a natural theater of roaring waters. The Lower Falls plunge dramatically, while serene forested trails lead to tranquil viewpoints, and the enduring Upper Falls stand as a testament to the river's journey.

As the day wanes, we conclude our adventure at the whimsical Coombs Country Market, where goats grazing on a grass-covered rooftop extend a playful welcome. Inside, explore stalls brimming with local treasures, capturing Coombs' unique charm through artisanal goods, handcrafted artwork, and delectable treats.

Before we end, a detour to Wabi Sabi to offer gratitude to Evan for our camping spot and a chance to pick up surf gear, adding a personal touch to our trip. Whether dining at camp or exploring local restaurants, it's a time to reflect on the day's stunning waterfalls, as Coombs' diverse flavors encapsulate Vancouver Island's culture on our road trip.

Day 5 (Monday): 9:00 am Blackball Ferry Terminal Vancouver

As much as it hurts, all good things must come to an end. Our final day takes us back to reality, We headout like a bat out of hell on the ferry back. Memories, stories, and a sense of accomplishment will be our companions as we head back, promising ourselves that this won't be our last adventure.


Join the Guided Jump 8/31/23 - 9/6/23 

Must be a member of the Northwest Overland (NWOL) to participate. Join now $24.95 per year. Led by Dan Cronin, NWOL is an overlanding membership community and forum in the Pacific Northwest that connects and equips for explorers with information about overland trips, gear reviews, travel guides, and resources.


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