Jun 2, 2018

My New 85 BJ70 "Lil Blue"


Edited: Sep 5, 2018


Well, here she is in all her glory!

I picked it up yesterday and am very happy with it's condition.

Lots of things on the list to do before she is trail worthy, but that's part of the fun.


1985 Toyota Landcruiser BJ70 JDM RHD

3B Diesel Non Turbo

H55 - 5 speed manual transmission

This model has a full floating (virtually indestructible) rear axle, push button 4x4 (with manual locking hubs of course) and a factory PTO winch. PTO winch works great.


First, on the list is general maintenance and completely check everything out.





Jun 3, 2018

I really like those 70 series land cruisers. Got any more photos? How does that non-turbo diesel handle freeway speeds?

Jun 4, 2018

Yeah, here are a few more photos. To be honest it's not too bad 60 mph is about max. I haven't come across many hills yet, but a ATX Turbo will be in the future to help with that.








Jun 5, 2018

Nice! Looks really clean! I dig the double doors in the back. I wish more rigs this size were readily available in the U.S.

Jun 5, 2018

Just ordered a snorkel and 3" Old Man Emu Ultimate lift kit, looking for some help with the installation.

Jun 17, 2018Edited: Jun 17, 2018

Parts are starting to roll in, can't wait to start putting things together.

Got the 2-3" Lift from Old Man Emu. I went with the Ultimate kit so almost everything will be replaced.

Also, comes with grease-able shackles. I decided to have 4WheelsParts do the lift install since it was only $550 and will be done in a day.

Here is the Snorkel Kit, I wanted a one piece but couldn't seem to find one that will fit this vehicle. These two pieces come together at the top of the hood and I plan on sealing them really good. Didn't really plan on doing any water crossings deeper than the hood anyway. LOL

Not too sure about the cap, seems like it would restrict the airflow a bit, might get a replacement scoop style. I'd love to build a custom aluminum snorkel, but don have the skills for that.


The stock wheels are pretty rusted out, I searched around and found some replacements from Cruiser Corps. Still haven't decided on Tire size or brand. Leaning towards the new KM3's. 31x10.5R15 or 33's

I can't afford to re-gear just yet and when I do I'd like to do ARB lockers at the same time and that's big $$$$.


If you guys have any opinions on tires or size let me know.



Installed a new driver side (right side) seat belt that I got from a guy in Toronto. Now the seat belt actually retracts, also installed some music since the PO took out the radio. Found a 24v Pyle deck on ebay for 60 buck, install looks clean and I'm happy with it.


Picked up a few 24-12v waterproof step downs for the usb charging station and CB radio.



Today, I tore out the back seat and tossed in the trash pile. It has the worst back seat ever according to my son, Plan will be to install a 3rd bucket seat for him and build the rest around him

Jun 17, 2018



Some Ideas I've been looking at:

As a chef I gotta have a good kitchen area and cutting board.



Maybe some Gull Wing doors







Jun 27, 2018

Picked up a used low profile Warrior brand roof rack yesterday, actually it a bed rack for a Tacoma. Still need to "wang jangle" some mounts for it.

New wheels, tires, and lift kit go on tomorrow.



New tires arrived!




Jun 30, 2018

Wheels Tires and Lift installed this morning! I can't be happier with how she drives and looks. Need to flip the rear tire carrier so it can accept the 33's.



Jul 9, 2018

Had to flip the tire carrier upside down to get the 33" tire to fit properly.




Jul 9, 2018

This happened today, It will be available for pick up next week. We're super excited!!




Jul 11, 2018

Front Runner Ladder installed today.


Jul 14, 2018

Thought I would try out this 6.5ft. foxwing/batwing awning from a new company called "Overland Pros". I have heard great things about these guys and the price was great compared to others on the market. I searched the other companies making these, but they don't make a smaller one that will fit my little BJ70.


Jul 15, 2018

Installed and set up..




Jul 16, 2018

Thanks John,

It's a lot of fun seeing it come together..


Jul 24, 2018

Picked up and installed my Gen2 Tepui White Lightening RTT. It's super easy to open up and pack away, I'm loving the fact that it's only 9" tall and can still fit in my garage. Can't wait to get out there and try it out.


Jul 30, 2018

Me too Dan, hopefully this fall she will be ready to go!



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