Jan 11

Decked truck bed drawer system.


Edited: Jan 11

I picked up what I consider now the best mod I've done to the truck so far, the Decked drawer system. I originally started out with a traditional tool box in the bed of the truck. It did hold all of my gear and was weather tight but man, I hated crawling up and down into the bed just to get stuff out of the box. The bed rails on the Powerwagon are just shy of 5' off the ground and the only way to quickly grab items out of the bed was to jump up on one of the tires and lean in. At first I was just looking at getting some sort of hard bed cover but then realized I still needed to use my kayak rack. After some research, i settled on the Decked system as it checked almost every box on the need list.


It was a very easy install and only took us about an hour to install. The system weighs about 220lbs empty so you'll definitely need a hand getting the main piece into the bed. All the hardware is stainless steel and it is very well thought out. Each drawer can hold 200lbs of gear and the platform is designed to hold 2000lbs on top. The drawers are considered water tight but not dust proof.


Yes, that's 4 of the X-bull 48" recovery boards tucked away in the drawer. The blue case is one of the Decked system tool boxes. right now it's empty as I'm contemplating what to store in it. My only negative is that I was hoping my chainsaw would fit in the drawer. It's just an inch too tall. I also have to figure a new spot to mount my air compressor. My ARB looks like it'll fit in the corner cubby so I may try.


Locks are available for the drawers but as you can see, there's no way anyone is getting into the drawers if the tailgate is locked. I did lose the use of my tailgate ladder but I shouldn't have to climb up in the bed too often.

And they do sell a drain plug for the drawers so you can use it as a cooler to hold ice and beverages. Next I'm looking at the L-track rails to get some type of tie downs back. It's going to be nice having everything right there when needed instead of way up in the truck bed.

Awesome. I like the look of those and will be curious to see how you think they hold up to loads on top. I wonder if I could get away with a 6' setup for my 8' bed so there is still space to put in an auxiliary fuel tank.

Not sure? they are really tailored to the bed side contours. No more than .25 away, all the way around. If the measurements from the wheel well to the tailgate is the same 6 foot bed vs 8 ft bed, then it probably would work.

The drawers by themselves weigh 220lbs. I was hauling all the gear around already in my aluminum box so that's not really extra weight right? At the dump the other day the truck tipped the scales at 8400lbs with a full tank and 3 adults..

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