May 7, 2018

2000 UZJ100 FS


Edited: Jun 12, 2018

Getting ready to move to South Africa,, which means we have to sell our much loved Land Cruiser 100: 166,500miles (timing belt done by Torfab about 7000 miles ago), TJM Heavy lift kit, full length African Outback roof rack (with Hi-Lift, shovel, jerry can, spare tire mounts), African Outback drawer system, LT285/75 Grabber AT2s, unique Japanese market rear ladder... I kept this build simple and low key, which means there's nothing really molested, cut or hacked into...


The CVT does NOT come with it, that'll be going with us...


I have more pics, of course, that I can email...





$15500. Negotiable


Good luck with the sale, Jason! Sad to see you guys go, but this sounds like a great adventure you guys are about to embark on!

May 8, 2018

Thanks, Dan!

Hopefully we'll be able to get to one of the meet-ups or something before we leave. We've been crazy busy as our time here winds down.. August 22 is when we leave for ZA, but we'll spend the first couple of weeks of that month traveling home to my family in CO and then a few places we wanted to see in the US.


I'll definitely share the next rig and trips on here....

Jun 12, 2018

Drop in price, edited the post...

Jul 9, 2018



On to the next adventure mobile.

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