Jun 5, 2018

Need help installing a OME lift kit on the BJ 70


Hi guys just ordered a 2"-3" Old Man Emu ultimate lift kit for the BJ 70, however I need help on the installation or need to find a shop that is willing to do it. I live in an apartment so can't do it at home. The kit is a few weeks out, so I thought I would ask early to try and get this set up. If you know of a shop or have the time to help I will provide food and drinks and free food at my restaurant every time you come in. I also purchased a snorkel that I need to install. The lift would require the four leaf springs, shocks and shackles. Let me know.




Jun 6, 2018Edited: Jun 6, 2018

I'd love to help, but it will not really be doable at my house. My driveway is not level, nor is the street out front. If a member with a level work area chimes in, I can offer to join the work party. I have even done a few lifts, and a snorkel or two... Let's do it!

Jun 6, 2018

What is your restaurant??? I like food.

Jun 6, 2018

That's great keman, hopefully I can find a few people more to join the work party and a place to get it done, the lift kit will arrive in the next week or two so I have some time.

My restaurant is called Zheng Cafe. It's authentic Chinese food located near the space needle on 6th and Thomas. We've been open for about 8 months now and it's just going crazy. You can find more info on Yelp. Stop by and I'll feed you well!!!

Hey Greg,

You should hit up Brian at Defenders Northwest in Gig Harbor. He charges$25/hour for shop use I believe. He isn't too picky on if unique vehicles come in and get wrenched on. Tell him I sent you.




Jun 6, 2018

I'd be in to help in Gig Harbor. Not sure how much you have worked on suspension bits, do yourself (and your helpers) a huge favor and hit all the nuts and bolts under the rig with some good penetrating oil like PB Blaster a few days before the work. Then again just before you drive to wherever the work is getting done. Your knuckles with be much happier at the end of the day.

Jun 7, 2018Edited: Jun 7, 2018

Hey Dan thanks for the tip, I will shoot Brain an email... Hope you are well my friend long time no see.


keman, thanks for the advice, I will start spraying stuff down tomorrow.

Jun 7, 2018

Crawled under there today and spayed everything down, just had some work done and it's not bad at all.

Has new oem shocks and steering rod not much rust at all, still spayed it good and will continue to do so till I can get the lift installed.


Jun 11, 2018

Little progress, my 2-3" Old Man Emu Ultimate Kit arrived!

Now I need to get everything installed. I've got next week off lets see what I can put together.

Includes: 2 - Front OME Emu Dakar Leaf Springs 2 - Front Nitrocharger Sport Shock Absorber 2 - Rear OME Emu Dakar Leaf Springs 2 - Rear Nitrocharger Sport Shock Absorber 4 - OME Poly Spring Bushing Kits 2 - OME Greasable Shackle Kit 1 - OME Greasable Front Spring Pin Kit 1 - OME Greasable Rear Spring Pin Kit 1 - OME Steering Stabilizer 8 - OME U-Bolts & Nuts 1 - Sway Bar Extensions & Fit Kit 1 - Hardware Fitting Kit






Jun 11, 2018

Looks like fun to me! Let me know when it's going on, if I can get away I'll come help.


Jun 11, 2018Edited: Jun 12, 2018

Actually, I'm going to have 4Wheelparts install the lift. It's just easier for me. I can drop it off and pick it up later in the day and work is backed by the shop. It's not too expensive either. I appreciate your offer to help!



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