Mar 15, 2018

Bug-Out Kit

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Sep 12, 2018

That's a good overview. Thanks for sharing. I'm kind of a BoB obsessive. I have a full kit in my truck to get home to my family where I have the "god mode" kit. Hopefully I never need it for the real deal. It's come it surprisingly handy for relatively mundane dad situations like

  • using the tent for a kid fort or play pen

  • using the sleeping bag for accidents like poopy pants or falling in water

  • having the only corkscrew at my sister-in-laws wedding to open 200+ bottles of wine

  • having a flask of whiskey when the need arises (sunset on the beach with my wife)

My kids always want to take the truck instead of the minivan because the truck is packed with snacks and fun. God bless 'em.

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